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Hubcast: Podcasts from Impact Hub Seattle

Jun 7, 2018

  • Hear from two of Impact Hub Seattle’s co-founders on how they created a space for like-minded people to collaborate and share ideas on how to make the world a better place. 
  • See how important it is to build your network and maintain those relationships.
  • Is it possible to invest for profit, people, and planet?
  • Hear about the meeting where Impact Hub Seattle received their first investments.
  • The co-founders discuss Startup “SocEnt” Weekend, the first big event for Impact Hub Seattle.
  • Brian dives into some of the hard lessons he learned while making Impact Hub Seattle a reality.
  • Find out the reasons why Pioneer Square was the perfect location to build this community!

Produced by Jonnie Wilder, Zipbangwow -

Music by Natalia Fandel, Community Manager -

Hosted by Sarah Studer, Managing Director of Impact Hub -

Show notes by Benjamin Bell -

Recorded onsite in the Hangout Room, 5-person conference room available to rent (